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The construction is at the southwest end of the inflammables wharf in the port of Barcelona, from where there is a comprehensive view of maritime traffic, both inside and outside. It is used for control and vigilance over the port of Barcelona.

The construction consists of two buildings, one as accommodation for pilots and crews, with bedrooms, dining rooms and restrooms, consisting of a ground floor and first floor, plus an installations room in the basement, the other is the control tower, where there are three floors, one for control, properly said, at level +42.90 m, another called the crisis room, at level 39.10 m and another for installations at level 35.30 m. The two buildings are connected by a lift which gives access up to the control floor, allowing rapid movement from one building to the other.

For the design of the tower the architect was inspired by the shapes of cranes existing in the port, with their structure and inclination. For this reason, the building was planned to have a light appearance, built in a structure of A/52 B steel, made and prepared in the workshop and assembled on site with welding. The structure is lined with cut steel sheet, reducing in size until reaching the control and crisis rooms, where “California” windows 3.5 cm thick have been installed, made in Holland and assembled in Barcelona. The annexed building is a low volume with the rest and repose areas for pilots and seamen, with a reinforced concrete structure clad with pre-frieze panel and lined with slats of copper-treated German red pine, transported by boat from Germany. With reference to the foundations, in being built on land recovered from the sea, the option chosen was prefabricated pile foundations, reaching a depth of 38 m in some cases.

Civil Engineering Projects
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