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Civil Works

Basic Features in the Domain of Civil Works:

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Environmental Protection
  • Social Responsibility
  • Business Efficiency

Road Works

Road works form the greatest part of the civil works activity –including roads, highways, motorways, tunnels, viaducts and urbanization work– with our experience founded on the rigorous and efficient execution of all the works. As well as being the main construction activity, this segment includes the production of sand, cement and concrete, and the delivery of asphalt agglomerates.

Railway Works

The activities in the railway sector include all manner of works and installations. We benefit from our long experience in tunnel construction; a type of work which requires a great adaptability of the line to the varying contours of the land

Airport Works

Infrastructures connected with air transport constitute an activity which has very strict quality requirements, demands high reliability and technological competence. To this dynamic segment of civil works, PATCO brings quality, a sense of the functional needs and compliance with the schedules for execution.

Hydraulic Engineering

PATCO exemplifies efficient and rigorous control of the whole working process. From the initial project, to execution and deliver; we are fundamental in taking on hydraulic engineering works, a field in which we have had long and fruitful experience. In this field, we act in three large segments.

Maritime and River Works

For PATCO, the maritime and river construction segment means a constant challenge in terms of adaptation and precision. From docks and marinas to extending embankments and the construction of wharfs and harbor walls, we have carried out actions in all ambits of maritime works. With an active quality and environment policy, we guarantee environmental protection, an especially crucial aspect in this sector.

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