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PATCO’s projects in the industrial sector are designed to provide effective solutions, covering the following phases: financial and technical viability studies, detailed engineering, technical studies for supplies, technical purchases, preassembly, own manufacture of components, associated building works, assemblies of infrastructures, machinery and installations, electrical and instrumentation assembly. The last stages in this chain are process control, trials and start-up.


PATCO carries out maintenance work for companies in the field of energy supply: gas, electricity, oil, nuclear energy, transport. For these sectors, there is a broad range of services, from predictive actions to preventive or corrective work or plant stoppages where necessary.


Assemblies combine quality and professional competence with strict compliance with all the security and environmental standards.

Flexibility and efficiency in our work depend on a key advantage for our company: selected personnel, outstanding for their broad experience and constant training in the various types of action.


  • Assembly of dynamic and static equipment
  • Assembly of fire-fighting and piping networks
  • Assembly of metal structures
  • Electrical installations and instrumentation
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