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The Torito Hydroelectric Project is found in the northeast part of Costa Rica, on the Atlantic side of the country. Administratively it is located in the province of Cartago, Turrialba canton.

It takes water from the River Reventazon (downriver from the Turrialba city) after passing through the turbines of the Angostura Plant which has its collection point in the reservoir of the same name, also in the River Reventazón.

The Torito HP takes water from the Angostura plant discharge canal (at the point where the water is restored to the same river some 4.6 km downriver from the collection point).

The Torito HP intake involves the construction of a short stretch of interconnection canal (about 30 m long) to link the existing discharge canal from the Angostura plant with the intake well, in order to provide the submergence necessary at the principal tunnel. There is a double system of floodgates (in the Angostura canal and in the intake properly said) which allows the water from the Angostura plant turbines to be diverted to the River Reventazón following its actual course, in the event that the Torito plant is not available.

Downriver from the collection point is the Load Chamber, of capacity 125,000 m3 (useful volume), connected to the principal tunnel by a branch tunnel 296.3 m long and 6.00 m internal diameter. The load chamber has a superficial overflow channel which restores the water by pouring directly into the River Reventazon.

The project has an oscillation tank, 20 metres in diameter, constant section, and approximate height 45 m.

The machine house building (50.0 x 25.8 x 37.0 m) will be located on the right bank of the River Reventazón, upriver from the confluence with the River Jabillos. The plant is equipped with 2 Francis vertical shaft groups of 65 m3/s each and generates a power of 50 MW.

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