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CLIENTSNIM (Société Nationale Industrielle et Minière)

The construction of the mine, which includes the civil works, fitting the metal structure, all the equipment and the electrical installation and instrumentation, will be done next to the existing installation. This will allow the capacity for supplying iron to be tripled. The works to be undertaken form part of the mining development which is taking place in Mauritania.

The project is of great complexity due to its geographical location, more than 800 km from the port of Nouadhibou and in the middle of a desert. To provide accommodation for the workers, Copisa Industrial is working on the installation of a fully conditioned camp.

Principals works units:
Civil works
  • Concrete 34,500 m3
  • Steel reinforcement 3,500 Tn
  • Formwork 25,000 m2
  • Landfill 125,000 m3
Metal structure
  • Heavy structure 6,500 Tn
  • Medium structure 3,500 Tn
  • Light structure 2,100 Tn
Fitting equipment
  • Fitting equipment 210 units
  • Assembling conveyor belts 3,900 ml
Electrical installation
  • Supply and installation of electric cables 63,500 ml
  • MV system
  • LV system
  • Instrumentation system for 7 process units
  • Communication system (telephone, loudspeaker, Internet, Ethernet, etc.)
Workers’ camp
  • Capacity 1,000 people
  • Restaurant and leisure installations
  • Water treatment installations (collection point, desalination, distribution, purification, reuse)
  • Energy installations
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