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Line 9 will be the longest metro line in Europe, with a route of almost 48 kilometres.

The new line will cross Barcelona in order to connect districts of the city with a heavy demand for public transport, such as Carles III - Ronda del Mig - Travessera de Dalt - Sagrera, and will connect Badalona and Santa Coloma de Gramenet with the Logistics Activities Area of the port (ZAL), the Zona Franca and El Prat Airport.

The L9 will have two basic service lines which will go from the Airport to Can Zam and from the Zona Franca to Gorg. Also, to cover demand in the central area there will be a third service line between the Sagrera/Meridiana and Torrassa stations. The route will have strategic links with the rest of the Metro lines, the Railways (RENFE and FGC), the high speed train (TAV) and infrastructures as important as the Barcelona Trade Fair zone, El Prat Airport and the future City of Justice in Hospitalet de Llobregat.

The types of stations are of note also, being of cylindrical form, 28 m. diameter and depths which may reach 70 m. The mobility of users will be arranged by high capacity lifts.

The platforms are developed as the superposition of two levels, both located inside the tunnel, overcoming the traditional “cavern” extensions and changing from the traditional metro line, with trains at a single level, to having two independent levels separated by the slabs of the internal structure which run all along the tunnel.

The train will be controlled by a computer system.

The new line 9 will have a total of 52 stations, most of them built with the system described, some others using a conventional station system and one branch in the Zona Franca on a viaduct, given the impossibility of perforating this industrial area so close to the sea.

The main work units corresponding to project 3 are the following:
  • Execution of 2,023 m railway superstructure in tunnel, including 2,447 m3 ballast and 2,746 m ballast retaining wall, track, sleepers and points.
  • Execution of 3,231 m2 evacuation routes.
  • Execution of electricity channelling and installation of control panels for MV, LV and communications.
  • Electrification of track by overhead cables (2,550 m).
  • MV Installation.
  • Installation of tunnel lighting (326 lighting units).
  • Installation of remote controls (1 remote control station).
  • Installation of tunnel waterproofing membrane (2,496 m2 "trocellem" type waterproofing membrane).
Civil Engineering Projects
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