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Specializing in the infrastructures business and developing a policy for expansion based on responsible growth. Management is focused on total quality, combined with the support of a well-trained and effective team. We also develop activities characterized by a series of essential requirements: safety, environmental protection, and profitability and group interests.

  • Project management
  • Quality Assurance/Quality control in construction
  • Installation and fabrication of pipes, supports, structures, process instruments & heavy equipment erections
  • Electric Mechanic Work
  • Testing, Pre-commissioning and Loop checking
  • Assistance for commissioning and startup of plant
  • As built documentation


A sustainable and quality job brings user satisfaction, permanence in time and the minimization of environmental impact. This is the definition of good criteria in Building: a sector in which PATCO favors the wish to design and construct functional and convenient works. We commit ourselves to achieve advancement from an energy viewpoint, harmonious with the environment, in line with the urban space, respectful and habitable.

Residential and Service Buildings

PATCO incorporates construction solutions designed for sustainability into its actions on residential and service buildings. One of the main decisions in this context has to do with the optimization of energy consumption in homes and work places.

The usage of water and electricity are reduced by measures taken in the works themselves: reduced capacity cisterns, low consumption electricity installations, taking maximum advantage of sunlight and the progressive introduction of home automation, among other actions which supplement the growing public awareness with technical means.

Facilities and Amenities

Shopping malls and leisure centers, sports facilities, large stadiums, schools, universities, social-health, industrial and parking centers, etc.: these are facilities and amenities which need to be carefully adapted to the special characteristics of each situation and surroundings. This ability of adaptation is the principal business value offered by PATCO.

Refurbishment and Restoration

PATCO has important activity in this field, which is gathering motivation with the introduction of new materials and building methods. Adaptations of buildings for new uses, improvements in the processes of refurbishment and restoration have all been key factors for the recovery of our historic and artistic heritage. In this respect, PATCO is classified as a specialist restoration company (K7E) and a Grade “A” rating, which qualifies it to bid for national and international projects and gain sustainability.
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